registration deadline - 11.02.2024

using the platform is simple and easy

Create an account by filling all required information, details and data

You will receive a confirmational e-mail that your account has been approved

Register all competitors with all required information

Register all desired choreographies/entries by following all the steps

Please, note and keep in mind that the music/audio files must be in MP3 only, in good quality and correct timing. You can upload your music / audio files at later stage, but not later than the registration deadline.

Complete registration is concidered only if all your choreographies / entries are marked GREEN. If there is a choreography / entry marked RED, it means that there is something incorrect and you must oversee where is the problem. Most likely the music / audio file is incorrect or in low quality. Changes in your registration can be made at any point, but not later than the registration deadline. After deadline, no changes will be possible or made. To finalise, assure and secure your participation at MOVMNT International Dance Competition, payments must be made and finalised in full till 16.02.2024

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