Online Registration – from 04.04.2022 to 02.05.2022 – closing the platform

         Using the platform is simple:

  1. Create an account (filling all the required information)
  2. You will receive confirmational e-mail on the one you registered with, that the account has been approved.
  3. Register all your dancers (Names and Date of birth)
  4. Register all desired choreographies / entries, following all the steps.
    Please note that the music files must be Mp3 only, in good quality and correct timing. You can upload the music later on, but not later then the deadline of registration. Complete registration is considered only if all your choreographies are marked in GREEN colour. If you have entries marked with RED colour, that means, there is something incorrect and you must see where is the problem (most likely the music file is incorrect). Only entries marked in GREEN will be considered registered and will make it to the Final Start List. Changes in your registration can be made at all times, but not later then the last day for registration. After closing the platform, no changes will be possible or made.
  5. To finalise and to assure your participation at 6th MOVMNT IDC, the payment must be made not later then 15.05.2022

                                                                    ENTRIES ARE NOT ACCEPTED BY PHONE, E-MAIL OR FAX

* It is agreed upon entering mOvmnt IDC that all participants, students, parents, teachers, studio directors/owners and any other spectators will not hold mOvmnt IDC or its directors, employees or host facilities liable for injuries sustained and/or illnesses contracted by them or loss of property while in attendance and/or participating in mOvmnt IDC. It is mandatory for every participant, teacher, assistant, parent or third parties to follow the applicable health rules, regulations and restrictions due to specific situation we all live in. On the entrance of the venue, there will be one-time payable entrance fee on the cost of 5,00 bgn, for spectators.



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